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Jul 26 2010

7 Weeks Down…One To Go

While it seems nearly impossible, I have one week left of Institute.  Yes, you read correctly, 7 weeks of Institute and actually, it has been a really enjoyable experience.  I love my students, I am meeting some of the most amazing, accomplished individuals of my generation.  But right now, I just want to celebrate the…

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Jul 14 2010

Today was a good day

So yesterday was the start to my umptenth week of Institute (seriously, I forgot how long I have been at institute between ATL and LA). I was absolutely exhausted and questioning if I made the right decision by packing up overnight and moving across the country. Today, well today was a different. First, our bus…

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So for anyone who has seen Toy Story 3, you know Bo Peep was missing.  After watching the movie, the Fremont 11 realized that our story was entirely too close in similarities; and I realized that I have become Bo Peep.  So I didn’t pass the CSET, and my life kind of took a weird…

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May 27 2010

Atlanta Institute or Bust…???

So, great news, I got placed on Friday…cool news, I got placed at a year round school…bad news, I get to miss LA induction and institute.  Yeah, about my placement, I’ll be teaching math at Fremont High in South Central LA (Side note)… Dear God,   Seriously?! Dude, did you HAVE to bless me with…

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May 16 2010

Increasingly Nervous

So I am becoming increasingly nervous as the weeks for my CSET results narrow.  If I didn’t pass, I’ll have to defer my TFA offer for a year.  I keep reading people’s blogs and most pass, but as I stated earlier, I hadn’t taken a math class in 6 years, and I’m just nervous.  I…

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Apr 14 2010

War with the CSET

So the CSET, also know as the California Subject Examination for Teachers, is evil.  Got my results Monday, definitely didn’t pass, but I am taking the single subject math test, and I haven’t taken a math course in like 6 years, so I can’t be that mad at myself.  So, I am teaching myself how…

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Apr 11 2010

Is this really happening?

I still can’t believe this. My life is a hodgepodge of experiences.  In college I interned at the CIA, at a Talent Agency, Record Label, even as a marketing rep for a restaurant.  After college, I went off to Corporate America and was shuttled around the Midwest.  I was completely dissatisfied with my work and…

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