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Nov 30 2010

Is it 2nd Year Yet?

Seriously…why is first year the most difficult year in teaching?  So much has happened since I began teaching my little monsters.  First, my school cut EVERY teacher’s salary by making the school day 6 hours rather than 8.  This takes my salary to below the poverty line.  This also makes me food stamp and Section 8 eligible…Oh TFA.

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself.  I gave up a great job in an admittedly horrible state to qualify for food stamps in Los Angeles.  Wow.

Secondly, I apparently am still on probation which means that I will not be paid for the days that I am sick with a lung infection, which includes my Birthday tomorrow.

To all of those ’11 Corps Members and beyond, beware of ECE.  The initial dip in salary is just the tip of the iceberg when it come to the BS you must live through to make it as a “teacher”.  I place it in quote because EVERYONE you meet will make it seem like you have the easiest job in the world or refer to your day as “cute”.  But, if it was easy, would TFA be in the Pre-K classroom, probably not.  I just wish someone was more upfront with me about how difficult it would be working with co-workers who have no tact, living under the poverty line, and praying everyday that the powers that be in the Kitchen don’t send a million hot food dishes that I have to wash (yes, I have to wash dishes everyday, along with clean toilets, vacuum and other task normally given to a janitor).

Wake me up when 1st year is over…

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  1. Wess

    Have to admit–I’m guilty of fantasizing about spending my day with four-year-olds instead of 16-year-olds. Keep repping the hard parts, friend. :)

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