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Oct 26 2010

Just another day teaching

To all the people who think that teaching ECE is easy, how would you respond when:

1. Your 4 year old students decide to start playing Liquor store in the house area

2. One student’s pretend wife yells as he “leaves for the liquor store” that he can’t buy alcohol they need pampers for the baby – only for him to respond, “don’t worry I’ll buy Alize”

3. Student’s rob the “liquor store” with “guns” they made in the block area

4. “Teacher I have a cockroach in my ear!” – Seriously she had a cockroach in her ear…

5. Me – “Why is E on the ground like that?”

Student – “She’s dead…” Me -

“”Which one of you killed her?”

Student “Ms we didn’t kill her!”

Me – Well who killed her?” E looks up, “I killed myself, my two husbands came one and like to cut myself with a knife!”

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