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Jul 26 2010

7 Weeks Down…One To Go

While it seems nearly impossible, I have one week left of Institute.  Yes, you read correctly, 7 weeks of Institute and actually, it has been a really enjoyable experience.  I love my students, I am meeting some of the most amazing, accomplished individuals of my generation.  But right now, I just want to celebrate the fact that I have ONE week left…well as long as no one from District Strategy calls me with another “exciting opportunity”.

Highlights of my week:

1. Finding  time to hang out with friends and go on a hike this weekend.  To which I found out that a hike to the over achievers of Teach for America Los Angeles  is damn near freehand mountain climbing.

2. Laughing at my students jokes as they went down the slide on the playground (“Did you hurt your Wiener and Nuggets?”)

3. Pre-Kindergarten Cops roasting Marvin for CMA Appreciation Day – and yes, our lives are so much better with our Sassy CMA :)

4. Going out with Lila, Amanda, and Antonio and realizing that no matter what music is on, Antonio  WILL Salsa dance.

5. Realizing that if I can get through Institute (twice) that I can do anything

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