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Jun 27 2010

And Then There Were 10…What Happened to Bo Peep???

So for anyone who has seen Toy Story 3, you know Bo Peep was missing.  After watching the movie, the Fremont 11 realized that our story was entirely too close in similarities; and I realized that I have become Bo Peep.  So I didn’t pass the CSET, and my life kind of took a weird twist since then.  I was teaching 8th grade math at Institute in Atlanta up until Monday of this week.  My SD, Greg, walked into my CMA group and kind of dropped the bomb that  I was to leave Institute the next day because I was reassigned to Early Childhood Education.  So after braving the firery trash pit with my fellow cast-aways, the Fremont 11, I was shipped to LA at 8:45 am on Tuesday.  I just finished induction here, and I start Institute ALL OVER again tomorrow.  I miss my friends terribly, but I know the next week and a half before they get here is a lot better than being deferred for a year.  So for those wondering where Bo Peep ended up, if she as much alike as I feel right now, then she probably is just floating around in Toy Limbo waiting for her friends to rescue her from boredom and repetition.

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