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May 27 2010

Atlanta Institute or Bust…???

So, great news, I got placed on Friday…cool news, I got placed at a year round school…bad news, I get to miss LA induction and institute.  Yeah, about my placement, I’ll be teaching math at Fremont High in South Central LA (Side note)…

Dear God,

  Seriously?! Dude, did you HAVE to bless me with a strange obsession with John Singleton movies AND place me in Los Angeles of all places??? And not just Los Angeles, South Central Los Angeles! I mean don’t get me wrong, I prayed for a placement and I’m great full and all but…Boys and in Hood?… Poetic Justice?…Higher Learning?…Mr. Singleton got me thinking I will get shot on Day 1…C’MON!!!…

So, my school is the first in the history of California to be taken over and reconstituted, meaning the school failed by No Child Left Behind Standards, so the Superintendent took over, and forced all of the teachers to reapply for their jobs.  So apparently somebody didn’t make the cut, and I got hired.  Being that it is a year round school on a Concept 6 schedule, first day of instruction is July 12th, rendering myself and 10 other math and science Corps Members isolated from our LA colleagues, and shipped off to Atlanta Institute starting June 6th.  I’m excited because this is unprecedented, however, I can’t help but feel like the kid who shows up to summer camp one week late – you know after everybody has made nice and has a swimming buddy already and you’re left sitting on a hollow log, keeping the kid with a leg in a cast company…wow I just dredged up some sad suppressed memory and I completely digress. ***Ahem***

Well, I’m still excited, even if this does mean that the next few weeks will be even more busy than I had already anticipated.  I’m just looking forward to making real change in my student’s lives, but for now, I should probably focus on finishing my Pre-Institute work… (Side note) Could Ms. Lora’s Story be ANY longer, I mean it’s not a damn story it’s a novel…besides, most “stories” always end in Happily Ever After or otherwise predictably positive conclusions, so can i just skip it due to context clues lol?
Until next time…

2 Responses

  1. tmi

    “Could Ms. Lora’s Story be ANY longer, I mean it’s not a damn story it’s a novel.”

    Thank you! No disrespect to Ms. Lora or TFA, but it feels as though I’ve been reading Ms. Lora’s story for at least two months now. It’s interesting, but how will I ever complete the the next seven exercises if the first never ends?

    Regarding your post, I understand your feelings about summer camp. On the other hand, it sounds to me as though you will be the kid who had an opportunity to go to summer camp earlier than the other campers. You’ll be the one who already knows the ropes when the others show up for their first day and are still feeling nervous.

    Good luck.

  2. nicinla

    Thanks. I know I’m probably just being my normally over dramatic self, so thank you for putting a positive spin on Institute. Good luck to you to with Ms. Lora :)

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