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Apr 11 2010

Is this really happening?

I still can’t believe this.

My life is a hodgepodge of experiences.  In college I interned at the CIA, at a Talent Agency, Record Label, even as a marketing rep for a restaurant.  After college, I went off to Corporate America and was shuttled around the Midwest.  I was completely dissatisfied with my work and the lack of passion i had for it.  Then I came up with the best idea I ever had, to apply for Teach for America and pursue the one thing I loved about my job – teaching.

I applied at the summer deadline – and was wait listed…But thankfully I was accepted at the First Deadline to the Los Angeles Corps.  So now the only thing I can ask myself is, Is this really happening?  My first reaction to finding out I was accepted was, really, LA? My preferences were exactly every East Coast location and then Los Angeles. Math? Yep, my preferences were Elementary education, Social Studies and Early Childhood Education.  I mean, this time last year, I was being told I was moving to Lincoln Nebraska to trade soybeans, and trust me, it is hard being Black in Nebraska.  And now, I am being told that I am moving to California to teach Secondary Math?! I was a Econ Major, I took 2 math classes during my entire college career, both freshman year…how that translates into being qualified to teach Math I have no clue.
Anyways, I traveled to LA in March, took the single subject Math CSETs I and II and interviewed for a teaching position, only to find out that the principal liked me for multiple subjects (which is what I prayed for throughout this whole process).   But I met my fellow ’10 Corp Members and was amazed.  I mean I have never gathered with so many people who were genuinely happy for each other, encouraging and all focused on one goal. It made the next two years seem so real now, if that makes sense.  I almost started to think that I dreamed it all, that I really was going to spend my prime years in country ass Nebraska where I couldn’t even find a hair dresser or pantyhose in my color. And now, tomorrow, I find out if I passed the most ridiculously hard test I have ever taken in my life.  Perhaps, the only thing keeping me from joining the most exciting opportunity in my life. It is as if the moment I accepted my offer with TFA, my life has taken a turn for the better.  I cannot wait to move to Los Angeles, but first I have to pass this damn test!

Until next time…

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  1. Destiny

    I am SO looking forward to hearing your story!!

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